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What Putin Said!

This has got to be one of the most impor­tant state­ment made this year. Why have so many not even heard it? Because our news (Major media) out­let are 1.controled by or 2. out­right own by the peo­ple who make their money (and lots of it) sell­ing weapons. The more unrest in the world the bet­ters it is for their bank accounts. In this video the enemy every­one loves to hate talk about the dan­ger of not hav­ing a Nuclear Arms Agree­ment Which the U.S. pulled out of ( by not renew­ing the start 3 Treaty) just about the same time they said that they will now be plan­ing for a first strike capa­bil­ity. This is the same as hav­ing a bully on the block and you make a deal that he will leave you alone. Then one day he said to you our deal is now off. Do you think it’s about time to be concerned?

I added audio and there is subtitle.

And This is the bad guy?

Nuff Said!

I donated to Tulsi Gab­bard then I saw the video below and I donated to Mike Gravel. Why? Because it get another per­son on the debate flood who is talk­ing about the only thing that can pos­si­ble get this nation to do a cource correction.

Anti-​War! Nuff Said! (enought said)

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Is Rus­sia, “Israel”, and the US work­ing against Iran?

Attack on Iran's TroopsThere’s no more con­vinc­ing proof that last week’s his­toric National Secu­rity Sum­mit in Jerusalem between Rus­sia, “Israel”, and the US was a suc­cess than the self-​professed “Jew­ish State’s” lat­est anti-​Iranian strikes in Syria, which were more than likely approved by Moscow in advance as part of its regional “bal­anc­ing” strat­egy in pur­suit of a “New Detente”. (Won­der how this didn’t get on RT) No one is perfect!

Read more: Is Rus­sia, “Israel”, and the US work­ing against Iran?

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