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OPPS! The Sun Is Not A Gas!

I had a long con­ver­sa­tion on youtube about the fact that we know very lit­tle about grav­ity con­trary to pop­u­lar belief. And that obser­va­tion and exper­i­men­ta­tion trumps math­e­mat­ics in science.

Here we not only get more proof that sci­ence has gone astray by think­ing that math­e­mat­ics is the holy Grail of sci­ence, but also we get a time-​line of how things went so ter­ri­bly wrong

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More On Grav­ity!

Lev­i­ta­tion Breakthroughs!

bio-​gravitics, hutchi­son effect, vibro-​acoustics!

As with every other thing “New” is always about 20 years old

The link to the online doc­u­men­ta­tion is below, fol­low by an audio/​text pre­sen­ta­tion and of the Introduction.

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Con­ver­sa­tion on Grav­ity

The full Youtube clip can be viewed here

Akoben Adinkra­hene
I can believe that they are telling teach­ers to teach this to chil­dren! I’m shocked that not one of them asked about repul­sion as a sta­bi­liz­ing force in the uni­verse . Grav­ity is an attrac­tion power as far as I know it does not repel. There­for all of the planet would have to do (at some point) the same thing the balls did, which is end up in the middle.

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