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Boli­vian An Amer­ica Coup d’état

A Pres­i­dent who won by a mar­gin of more than 10% which is a hell of a lot more than any of the last eight pres­i­dents in Amer­ica, when a sud­den upris­ing (AKA Amer­i­can coup) removed are pop­u­larly elected pres­i­dent of Bolivia. Not really a shocker with the fact that Bolivia, we now learn, has vast deposits of lithium. And was block­ing West­ern min­ing com­pa­nies from exploit­ing the lithium deposits argu­ing that if minors wanted access to the lithium and his coun­try they would have to share the wealth with the peo­ple of Bolivia by help­ing to fund social pro­grams. That did not go over well with the min­ers or with the bankers and not with the West­ern cor­po­rate inter­ests. Morales did some­thing that sealed his fate turn to China and accepted a deal to call off the min­ing of lithium by West­ern cor­po­rate inter­ests. And sign a new deal with China but shar­ing the rev­enues with the Boli­vian peo­ple. Morales is pop­u­lar at home because he helps his people.But he stepped into that cold war fray that’s going on between the United States and China

There is news of wide­spread voter irreg­u­lar­ity, how­ever, no evi­dence has sur­faced to ver­ify the claim.

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