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Mon­day Sep­tem­ber 7, 2015 admin note: Inter­est­ing how many peo­ple who have some­thing to say, have closed youtube accounts!

Rense Radio 72015 The 6th Mass Extinc­tion of ALL life on Earth — WARN­ING GRAPHIC https://​www​.youtube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​d​D​-​l​1
The Nuclear Proc­tol­o­gist dot org is Dana Durnford’s site with pic­tures of the tidal pools.
Lat­est Head­lines: http://​ene​news​.com/
AP: Unprece­dented deaths along U.S. Pacific coast — Sci­en­tists: Mass die-​offs of mam­mals, birds, fish… “No one’s sure what hap­pened” — Gov’t wants Unusual Mor­tal­ity Event declared — Sam­ples “being tested for radionu­clides from Fukushima”

Attor­ney for US Navy Sailors: Third death from expo­sure to Fukushima fall­out — Baby with brain can­cer has died — Reporters afraid to pub­lish sto­ries related to case — Pro­fes­sor: USS Rea­gan sailors were first peo­ple to be hit by plume out­side of plant (VIDEOS)

Local News: “Break­ing… Alert… leak shuts down US nuclear plant” — Gov’t: Radi­a­tion lev­els ‘above nor­mal’ — ‘Steam plume’ seen in reac­tor build­ing, work­ers can’t find where leak is com­ing from due to safety con­cerns — Flood warn­ings issued for area

Japan Reporter: Muta­tions increas­ing in Fukushima — TV: “Strange things are hap­pen­ing to the plants and ani­mals” — Gov’t News Agency: “Long list of mutated life forms reported” (VIDEO)

Gov’t Offi­cial: Chill­ing report from Pacific Ocean… “Silence on the seas” — “Quite lit­er­ally, there isn’t any fish” — Japan Pro­fes­sor: Fukushima pos­ing repro­duc­tion risk to marine life, ongo­ing con­cern over bio-​accumulation of radioac­tive mate­r­ial (VIDEOS)

TV: Mys­tery ‘green goo’ dec­i­mat­ing fish­ing on West Coast — “Like ecto­plasm in Ghost­busters” — Experts: “About as severe as we could ever antic­i­pate… Lot of unusual things going on” — “We’re not catch­ing any fish… Never as bad as right now… Almost non-​existent… Worst sea­son ever” (PHOTO)

Nuclear Expert: We should be very wor­ried about ongo­ing cat­a­stro­phe at Fukushima… “Com­plete fail­ure” of ice wall built to con­tain extremely radioac­tive water… Plu­to­nium is flow­ing into Pacific, will for many years to come — Stron­tium in ocean hits record level, huge increase reported since April (VIDEO)

Unprece­dented emer­gency statewide fish­ing clo­sures enacted in Pacific North­west — “We’ve never had to do any­thing like this” — “Very alarm­ing” mass die-​offs linked to dis­ease out­break — Nearly 100% infec­tion rate in some areas — Rot­ting gills, dis­tended bel­lies — NOAA: It’s a ‘head scratcher’ (VIDEOS)

TV: Nuclear waste over­flow­ing into Pacific Ocean at Fukushima — Offi­cials: Impos­si­ble to stop the spill any­time soon — Tor­ren­tial rain­fall from approach­ing typhoon already too much for plant to han­dle

Yahoo News: Mutated plants near Fukushima gain inter­net fame — Pics show cen­ters fused together, petals grow­ing out of sides, ring-​shaped flower with 4 stems — US Gov’t Expert: Plant abnor­mal­i­ties can be induced after only 24 hours of expo­sure to radioac­tive fall­out (PHO­TOS)

Doc­u­ment shows nuclear fuel burned through bot­tom of con­tain­ment ves­sel under Fukushima reac­tor

TV: US sci­en­tists test­ing for radi­a­tion in dead whales as mys­te­ri­ous die-​off in Pacific con­tin­ues — Now 14 car­casses reported, expert warns “death toll could still rise”

Experts: Plu­to­nium lev­els 10,000,000 times nor­mal in water below Fukushima reac­tors — Plu­to­nium hit record high off coast in 2014

Many large marine mam­mals found dead around Cal­i­for­nia, pub­lic warned to expect fur­ther strand­ings

NOAA: Young her­ring “sud­denly dis­ap­pear” from Pacific, no one can find them; “This is an enigma, something’s hap­pened” —

BBC: Peo­ple taken from movie the­ater by police, forced to go in reac­tor and deal with burn­ing fuel rods

AP Pho­tog­ra­pher: I could fell a “buzzing” in air when in Fukushima, how do you show that in a pic­ture?

“Mutant fish” with giant tumor grow­ing from head caught near Three Mile Island
Offi­cials: Much of Pacific Ocean threat­ened by Fukushima releases, an area cov­er­ing 13 of globe

Non­profit Group: “Every sin­gle per­son” we hosted from Japan has had health prob­lems… Blood stains found in almost all of their beds

NASA Experts: South­east US hit by “anom­alously high” lev­els of polo­nium from Fukushima — Never seen before, except dur­ing vol­canic events — Fall­out also detected in Mis­sis­sippi river —

“Eerie new phe­nom­e­non” attack­ing sea crea­tures on West Coast — Marine life dis­ap­pear­ing from tide pools — Fish, octo­pus, mus­sels, urchins, limpets, sea hares “seem to be leaving

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