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Al Shocked and Amazed! pol­i­tics, party machine, gun reg­is­tra­tion, nation action net­work, al sharp­ton, town hall meet­ing Al Sharpen town hall meeting

On Thurs­day, a town hall meet­ing hosted by Al Sharp­ton and the National Action Net­work to address gun violence

(Most likely intended to address gun reg­is­tra­tion, as if that would do any­thing) exploded into a revolt against “Chicago Machine” pol­i­tics, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and the alder­men in City Hall, and some even directed toward Al Sharp­ton him­self (it about time!)

with panel and audi­ence mem­bers call­ing to vote out their elected offi­cials. It would seem that the peo­ple taken all they can take and wouldn’t take anymore!

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