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How Do I Know If It’s My Soul or My Ego Talking?

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We talk about mak­ing the trans­fer of power from ego to soul in order to cre­ate the shift of con­scious­ness that we hope for. But how do I know if it is my soul or my ego talk­ing? Since it is a recur­rent ques­tion, I thought it was time to write about it, and share with you some sim­ple tools to help develop your discernment.

Dif­fer­en­ti­at­ing ego from soul is often tricky. First, because very few peo­ple had direct con­tact with their soul, there­fore we don’t know much about how it feels. Sec­ondly, a great deal of con­fu­sion is inten­tion­ally per­pet­u­ated by reli­gion, spir­i­tu­al­ity and sci­ence to make sure peo­ple do not con­nect with their soul. Indeed, if they do, they would free them­selves from dom­i­na­tion, and that would mark the end of the world of illu­sion in which we presently live.

On the other hand, there is one char­ac­ter that we know inti­mately — he is the one who has been lead­ing our lives for mil­len­nia. I call him Mr. Ego. He is the one who would be much eas­ier to iden­tify. When we know it is ego talk­ing then, by deduc­tion, we know this is not our soul.

Presently, our men­tal, vital and phys­i­cal bod­ies are under the gov­er­nance of our ego 99.99% of the time. So, let’s get to know him. Ghis came up with sim­ple recipes to help us sharpen our dis­cern­ment, a nec­es­sary skill until we can estab­lish a direct con­nec­tion with our soul. Here are the three main char­ac­ter­is­tics that undoubt­edly define ego.

Ego Speaks

The expres­sion “lis­ten to your soul” is often mis­lead­ing. Indeed, the soul does not speak; it’s ego that speaks, and as a mat­ter of fact, very loudly. In my search to fol­low my soul’s will, I often call on her for guid­ance, and usu­ally, obvi­ously, I expect an answer from her.

Unfor­tu­nately, most of the time — if not all the time — the first answer that comes is not from my soul, but from my ego. I’ll use a lit­tle story to illus­trate what hap­pens in the back­ground of our consciousness.

Let’s imag­ine that Mr. Ego and Ms. Soul live under the same roof (body), and there’s only one phone line in the house to con­tact either of the two. So, every time I call to reach Ms. Soul, it’s Mr. Ego who picks up the phone. He’s a con­trol freak, a self-​absorbed, noisy char­ac­ter that wants to be in charge of every­thing. He makes sure that Ms. Soul never answers the phone, and plays tricks so I won’t rec­og­nize him. He even changes his voice and his atti­tude to make me believe it is my soul talk­ing. But when I learn the right tools to rec­og­nize him, I get taken in by his tricks less and less.

The Soul does not speak. She is a voice­less char­ac­ter that imposes her will smoothly by set­ting up life sit­u­a­tions. She is more of a doer than a talker. When she man­i­fests her will, she usu­ally makes me do things that may not make any sense at first glance — from an ego­tis­tic stand­point. Often it sounds illog­i­cal and scary, but it is so strong that I feel com­pelled to do it. An inner state of ‘know­ing’ or ‘feel­ing right’ is cre­ated. I’d like to quote Mother who said, “If you ask your­self whether it’s the soul talk­ing, then you know it’s not.” This may clar­ify, if in doubt!

Ego Wants

Ego always wants some­thing or doesn’t want some­thing. He is the one who makes me say: “I want more money“, “I don’t want to be sick“, “I don’t want to live alone, I want to find a com­pan­ion“, “I need to be rec­og­nized”, and on and on. By want­ing or need­ing things, the ego is always attached to a result that is tangible.

On the other hand, the soul does not want any­thing. She has no expec­ta­tions and she is not attached to any out­come. The soul is only inter­ested in the expe­ri­ence, the process. All she is inter­ested in is the eman­ci­pa­tion of my being, and in the evo­lu­tion of my con­scious­ness towards who I really am. Any life sit­u­a­tion I may encounter is regarded as ben­e­fi­cial for that pur­pose; indeed, for the soul, there are no pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive life expe­ri­ences — they are all work­ing for the idessic/​supramental realization.

… And Fast

Ego wants fast. So each time I feel rushed to do some­thing or to make a deci­sion, I know it’s my ego’s impulse. Indeed, ego lives in a mor­tal real­ity where he believes that his time is lim­ited. He is the one who wants me to do as many things as pos­si­ble in a short period of time. He is the one who is afraid of miss­ing an oppor­tu­nity, and who does not want to waste time in things that do not ful­fill his imme­di­ate needs.

Whereas the soul lives in the infi­nite present moment and is immor­tal. So each time I feel rushed to do or decide some­thing, I must stop right away and give myself time to think it over. Con­cretely, I must shut down my ego’s big mouth which obstructs my clar­ity and pre­vents me from per­ceiv­ing my soul’s incli­na­tion. Only when my ego is silenced and put on the back seat of the car can my soul take the wheel, in other words, take the gov­er­nance of my life, and lead me in the direc­tion that will fur­ther her fusion with my body.

Not giv­ing way to the ego and sur­ren­der­ing to the soul is essen­tial for the real­iza­tion of the idessic/​supramental being. Here is a quote from Mother who explains the process:

“Those who wish to help the Light of Truth to pre­vail over the forces of dark­ness and false­hood, can do so by care­fully observ­ing the ini­ti­at­ing impulses of their move­ments and actions, and dis­cern­ing between those that come from the Truth and those that come from the false­hood, in order to obey the first and to refuse or reject the others.

This power of dis­cern­ment is one of the first effects of the Advent of the Truth’s Light in the earth’s atmos­phere…” (Mother’s Agenda, 1965)

Now that you have a sim­ple tool, you can start prac­tic­ing your dis­cern­ment in order to trans­fer the power of gov­er­nance from ego (false­hood) to soul (truth-​reality). The less I let my ego lead my life, the more my soul takes over. And the more we prac­tice, the faster we’ll get out of this appalling fear-​based ani­mal human­ity that cre­ates hell on earth!

About the Author

Rhi­ame has been walk­ing the per­son­o­cratic path for the last 6 years. She shares her expe­ri­ence and inte­gra­tion with the world through her blog Per­son­o­cratic Seeds, and e-​workshops.

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This has been help­ful to me in bring­ing genet­icMem­ory back from being a dead site. For many years I have been ask­ing myself am I doing this work out of ego or is the push to keep this up a work of the soul. I have come to believe that it is the soul. Rea­son being is what I don’t get from from the viewer of this sight “feed­back”. So if I man­aged to do this for (all toll 12 years! if you count the 4 years before I got a domain name) And the only time I got feed back is when I was vis­it­ing pal-​talk and some of that neg­a­tive, then I think it’s the soul. what do you say?

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