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I’m not even sure when I first saw this video it was just sit­ting there unpub­lished. And I’m sure there will be more it’s the nature of the beast.

You can’t bring a record­ing of a phone call into court and use it as evi­dence because there is no way to tell if you had a co-​Hort on the other line act­ing like the depart­ment of so and so (that is the logic behind that). And the rea­son you were asked to send a paper stat­ing that you are protest­ing under dourest is because she can’t sign your name to any­thing and a state­ment like that or UCC1-​308 (the reser­va­tion of rights) must be accom­pany by a singing.

If you look at your deed you will see that you have agreed to the tax it is in every deed unless you protested it at the clos­ing. How­ever there is such a thing as an uncon­scionable con­tract, (which the deeds of today are) but if you don’t com­plain because no one is a mind reader (IN WRIT­ING) then it is deemed that you have not been hurt. And you know what they say no harm no foul. What you don’t have and what you are try­ing to get is allo­dial title. You have to under­stand that every­thing we do and have done for many years is com­mer­cial (and we are taken advan­tage of because we don’t under­stand this). And EVERY singing is a con­tract! Look­ing at your pic­ture I would say we are about the same age. Do you remem­ber when all of the city start­ing using the term “Munic­i­pal cor­po­ra­tions” [late ’60] when before it was just the city of so and so? That is when the uni­form com­mer­cial code went into affect.
There is an answer, And at some time I will re-​post the answer on my web­site. That might take some time because at my age and hav­ing pro­vided infor­ma­tion like this for over 10 years I don’t rush any­thing. Mainly because peo­ple use the infor­ma­tion and for­get about any work I have done to get the infor­ma­tion out there.(In other words no one has every said “Thanks here is some­thing for your affords.”) But I still think the infor­ma­tion should be free. There are many way to do a thing in com­mer­cial law so you may find another way such as Quo– Warranto/​State– Ex– Rel Crim­i­nal Com­plaints (which can be found on my site) I will add your video to the post when I do it and also use the title of this video with detail instruc­tions on how to get your allo­dial title. (When I get around to it!) Till then check out the post above! Look for this title : Sue­ing in the name of the peo­ple (The State) If you want to help oth­ers pin this to stay at the top of the com­ment line. Don’t be care­less (hav­ing no con­cerns for oth­ers) like so many Amer­i­cans are.

You will have to send a email request to the web­mas­ter if you need detail instruc­tions on how to get your allo­dial title.

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If you do noth­ing else, Check out the for­got­ten post sec­tion above it’s the rea­son the site was made. If you are going to court read or lis­ten to Free Speech Radio, Seat-​belts 1 & 2 and Cog­ni­tive Dis­so­nance at High Fre­quency! In that order. Posted in Audio and text format.

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