I've always said that all the brown people here in (so-called) America did not come over via slave ship. I have in the past been ridiculed for my belifes. The same treatment I have gotten by saying there no black or white people and that because some (NOT ALL) (so-called) white people wish to live in the delusion that they are in fact white, does not mean that brown people have to live in the delusion of being black. But there is other reasons this should be shund.



1. It separate one from the land he/she has exsit on for untold years and with the virtural annihilation of our brothers aka (so-called) Indians, it set up a state where the phycopaths in question can claim that they are the only ones left to claim the land

2. You will not change the felling (not the meaning) of the words "BLACK and WHITE" as it's been used for centuries. Also just because a group who seems in all ways to be opposite to you have called themself white to appear positive should not mean that another should call themselves black which is an unknown and therefore potentially negative.

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