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In 1852 Fred­er­ick Dou­glass was asked to speak in cel­e­bra­tion of the

4th of July


Fred­er­ick Dou­glass once said that power con­cedes noth­ing with­out a strug­gle. Brown peo­ple of all shades have been strug­gling for over 300 years and power has not con­ceded much in that time. The prob­lem with the United States is not the gov­ern­ment as much is it is the people’s unwill­i­ness to think! When exit­ing the con­sti­tu­tional con­ven­tion a woman ask Ben­jamin Franklin “What have you giv­ing us?” He replied “A repub­lic if you can keep it!” Of cause he was not refer­ing to all of the peo­ple on this land at the time, how­ever, his word have some mean­ing for all of the peo­ple now. The pow­ers that be, being unable to return to their sav­age way with­out world ridicule, must put up an air of respectablity. The main point that I would like to make is what Franklin was talk­ing about was the inabil­ity of the cit­i­zens to con­tinue to think. Think­ing cit­i­zens are no longer the norm. They have made many of us think that we are the ser­vent of the gov­ern­ment and the gov­ern­ment is the mas­ter. Many will say “that is not so!” but still insist that the only two things one must do in life is pay taxes and die, and pay those taxes to an entity that is not even a part of the gov­er­ment that should right­fuly be the ser­vant of, but is in fact (by an unwill­ing­ness to think) the mas­ter. It’s has got­ten so bad that even those who call them­selves “White” are hav­ing issues with their government.

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